soul sessions,

During a 1:1 soul session we dive into your soul space to completely revolutionize one key area of your life. We get honest about what you want (because you are limitless and deserving!) and I use my intuition to unearth the root/s of your limiting beliefs keeping you from achieving it. With awareness for what's holding you back on an unconscious level we chat a plan of action for you to rewrite your narrative, increase your vibration and fast-track your healing and success. You will leave the session with an action plan that includes both energetic exercises and physical strategies personalized to your specific needs. 

* Soul sessions are only available for past-clients who’s energy I have already connected with. If you aren't a past client, the only way to work with me in this capacity is to join my e-mail list. I open these sessions up to my e-mail list three times a year.

Process includes:

1 x 75 minute audio/video call
Post call action steps delivered to your inbox within 24-hours


1 x 75-minute call, $85
3 x 75-minute call, $210 (you save $45)
6 x 75-minute call, $375 (you save $135)

* Above are introductory prices and will be increasing.


If not a past client and in need of support, please see my e-mail support option. If you are awakening to your role as a Twin Flame, please see my Twin Flame Coaching