Ready to let go of who you were told you should be and step into who you really are?

Coaching for Empaths and their Life Purpose

if so,

I was MADE to support you.

To use my lightcodes to keep you accountable to your soul's call.

To remind you that you are SO much more than you give yourself credit for, and that your spirit is really tired of you playing small.

Because truth is, you're here for a reason.

And you were guided to me because you haven't been living the life you agreed to.

You've been afraid of who you really are.

Of what you're here for.

Because you know you have a calling.

And it TERRFIES you.

But no matter how far you run, or how many excuses you make for not being able to see your dreams through, your spirit is relentless in holding you accountable to what it is you agreed to do!

Work that requires you do the inner work to transcend the safety net of what's expected of you so you can show up and do what it is you want to.



I created the SOUL ACCOUNTABILITY coaching intensive to be a channel for your guides to move you through your fear. 

We will dive into your soul space and get honest about your dreams and how your current habits and beliefs are self-sabbotaging your potential. I use my intuition to unearth the root/s of your limiting beliefs, and with awareness for what's holding you back on an unconscious level we chat a plan of action for you to rewrite your narrative, increase your vibration and fast-track the healing you have to do to step into the highest version of you. You will leave our time together with an action plan that includes both energetic exercises and physical strategies personalized to your specific calling and needs.


Process includes:



+ THREE calls

it's you + me for 6 whole hours; 2-hour calls in morning, afternoon and evening to jump timelines and give your subconscious the shock it needs to move you through the wounds keeping you from showing up how you're meant to

+ Call 1: Deep Questioning of Beliefs
+ Call 2: Energy/Mindset Healing
+ Call 3: Empowered Goal Setting

*you will also receive a pre-coaching workbook to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically for the work we'll do and a coaching booklet to work through as we move through our three calls


+ half hour call 2 weeks later to maintain momentum, check in on your progress and assign any tweaks to the plan of action developed during our full day of calls


+ my favourite essential oil and handpicked crystals mailed to you to support you into stepping fully into your potential

+ mail will also include any book/resource recommendations unearthed as important during our calls



Payment Plans Available

Your energy is so gentle yet so powerful
and precise. My blocks disintegrated every
time we spoke.
— Ruth F., USA
You are who you say you are.
You have changed my life.
Robin made me aware of who I am. She helped me see my
life and problems with a brand new perspective, one that felt
safe and true to my core. She is intuitive and soft and the
way she explains things is refreshing and approachable. She
was the perfect listener and played witness to my pain. She
gave me space to re-design my way of thinking about my
business, my body and my habits - and opened the door to
new tools and awareness. Robin is so much more than a
coach - she’s a healer - and I want her in my life for many
years to come. Open up and enjoy the ride of her amazing
I don’t think you realize the
gift that you are - thank you
for revolutionizing my
— B., USA

I only work with those obsessed with following their calling.


  • Ready to STOP thinking about what you'd rather be doing and START taking massive action on making it a reality

  • Highly coachable and ready to face your fears

    (I'd love to be easy on you and make this work comfortable, but my spirit is here to move you through your blocks and it can't help but be honest with you and what it is you need to do, no matter how uncomfortable)

  • Someone with big dreams for yourself AND this world, who is ready to take full responsibility for your life and what it is you are experiencing

  • Determined to rise out of what is expected of you and step fully into your responsibility as a lightbringer, gamechanger, new world humanitarian

  • Passionate about personal growth and learning everything you can get your hands on when it comes to energy/the support of the non-physical/manifestation

  • Someone who can envision yourself wildly successful because you KNOW its your purpose to succeed with your calling


  • Content with putting your purpose off until you read one more book, accomplish one more thing, think things through just a little bit longer

  • Someone not willing to invest in their future; mentally, emotionally, physically, financially

  • Resistant to coaching/being given direction from someone who has gone through what you're going through and has access to the bigger picture of your soul's need to grow

  • Not ready for tough love from someone who cares SO much about you and what it is you're here to do


If you aren't ready to invest in working with me 1:1, I have self-study programming available. Learn about my Empowered Empath Journalling Course here.