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1-1 support for lightworkers, healers, heart-centered enterpreurs,

I work with those ready to own their story, live their worth and align their energy in a way that’s supportive of a healthier, happier, more meaningful and authentic, peaceful, abundant life, so they can get themselves out of the muck and into the heart-centered work they were called here to do.

I currently offer three 1:1 streams of support:


For quick support, insight and inspiration to overcome a specific plateau / phase of life.

A strategic mentorship program for those ready to step into their purpose in a safe, practical, guided way.

Specific to empaths to chat energy and create a plan to nurture energy needs and improve your intuitive gifts. 

1:1 strategic mentorship for empaths,


RANGES $35 - $185 USD

Looking for clarity on your next steps? Let's get to the heart of your current situation and get clear on the steps you need to take to move through it with ease. You will leave the session feeling supported and inspired with insight into your next steps, whatever they may be.

Audio / Video
Pre-Call Form

* When booking you will be given the option to pay what you can based on a sliding scale - from $35 to $185 - with trust that those who can afford the higher price will pay it to offset the lower price for those who can't. 





$ 1685 USD | Payment Plans Available

A 1:1 strategic mentorship program for lightworkers, healers, mystics, heart-centered entrepreneurs (read: those who want to change the world in a big way), who are ready (genuinely ready) to step into their power, overcome their foundational blocks and be launched forward along their authentic path. 

Applications required. Limited spots for the remainder of 2017.

Audio / Video





$ 125 USD

Let's grab a virtual coffee (decaf or tea!) and get you set up with a plan to start to understand and nurture your energy so can finally stop being so affected by the world. Following our 60-minute call I ground our conversation down into a personalized Energetic Self-Care Plan PDF for you to take with you forward on your journey. 

Audio / Video
Pre-Call Form

intuitive counselling, intuitive coaching, intuitive development training



I specialize in meeting people where they're at (come as you are, fears and all) and practice from an open space, intuitive mentorship model based on the spiritual principle that "when space is held, what's needed will come through" — so while I have a curriculum set for each mentorship stream, I know intuition doesn't often work in a linear fashion, and so we are intentional about our willingness to stay open to whatever is wanting to come up, knowing that whatever comes up is EXACTLY what you are needing to know / do to get to your next step/s.

Also you should know:

I'm a Lifepath 1 and my birth card is the Magician; I can't stay small and I can't have you stay small either because we can't just talk about change, we have to show up to see it through.



What is mentorship?

Mentorship is a partnership between a mentor (me!) and mentee (you!) where space is held for the sharing of stories, lessons, tips to support the mentee along the path the mentor is travelling. Though aspects of intuitive counselling may be used, mentorship isn't an intuitive reading or therapeutic counselling. You already have all the answers you need and I simply create a space (and ask the right questions) for you to bring them to light. This works your accountability muscle and strengthens your intuition so you can move forward more intuitively.

Where do calls take place?

All calls take place via an online call space called Zoom. The majority of calls are done via audio however if necessary, can also be done via video call. 

What is your refund policy?

Please see my refund schedule.

How should I prepare for a session?

After payment I personally send you a pre-call form (like an intake form) with my booking calendar to get you thinking on some of the topics we will cover.  Aside from that, it's helpful to spend time in nature before our call to be grounded and ready to chat but if that's not possible we can ground down when we talk. I send you notes following our call, and if you are part of the 8-week intensive you get a password-protected page on my site to keep your notes in one place so you can look back and see your progress when our work together is done. :)

1:1 strategic mentorship for empaths,


Not sure if you remember me telling you about my smoky quartz bracelet and how I seemed to always get into arguments with my partner when I wore it. You mentioned that it might still be protecting me and bringing things up that need to be solved. Well, I got brave and wore it on Friday. Surprise, surprise, we fell out. BUT, you were so right, it was something that came up time and again, only usually I’d had a few drinks and would be unable to coherently communicate. This time we discussed things calmly actually sorted the issue. It’s an on-going thing we are both having to work on, but we’re on the right path. I can’t believe I even questioned it!
— R


“You are responsible for sparking change in me. I am forever grateful. I’ve already incorporated what you’ve taught me and all else I’m learning into my practice. The ripples from our [work] are already spreading through my family and patients, and you are part of that. It was either Ram Dass or Rumi who said, “We’re all just walking each other home.”

I’ve been blessed to have had you travel with me.
— B


I have been thinking so much about what you said about my art and my fears/intentions. Claiming the title of a healer as mine hits my heart hard, in the best way. I have never thought about it like that. I think a big fear of mine in regards to my art is that I am creating with no meaning. I couldn’t figure out why I felt inclined to make the things I do. Your insight has provided such a clarity for me and has encouraged me to pursue that idea and to pursue it hard.
— J


I’m sorry this is brief but I just want to say thank you so, so much for our chat. It has deeply impacted me to speak to someone who ‘gets it’ and what I’m feeling right now.
— R


You really are intuitive! And wise. I’ve told my sister, daughter and best friend about you. Thank you.
— S


Just a quick update, I tried some of the tips you gave me. I have received over 3,000 euro! Money from tax I wasn’t aware of and money from a random gift from a family member. On my living situation, I have been accepted for social housing, something I’ve been trying to get for two years, so I can now receive financial help with renting a home. Next step is finding a home that will accept it but I’m positive we will get somewhere before the summer. Thank you so much for all your tips they really work.
— R

heart-to-heart references available by request





$ 7 eBOOK

Not ready for 1:1? Learning to manifest is a powerful first step in regaining control of your life. That said, there is a lot of fluff around intentional living on the Internet. To help it all make a bit more sense (and you have more success) I wrote a 68-page eBook to guide you through the ten most common blocks to a successful manifestation practice and support you in thinking critically about the self-help/new age industry and better understand what you are capable of achieving with the help of energy laws.