the great unraveling

Summer 2019; a season I’m affectionally calling the great unraveling, because,

things unraveled on me.

All at once. Rather quickly.
And all I can say is thank you, because,

the path I was walking wasn’t mine to walk anymore. It was a path I outgrew. A path steeped in wounds. A path I was so desperately trying to fit myself onto, because for a long time it was the only path I knew. It was the path that made me credible. It was the path that felt good.

Not because it was good.

But because,

I was comfortable.

So my spirit sat me down, turned me around and showed me an alternate route.

I said no.
Denying myself, quieting her.
The calm before the storm.

Because when we don’t listen,

she gets


Speaking in circumstance. The kind that drowns us, steals our faith and demands we find it again; within; a hide and seek bringing clarity, sense.

The unraveling.

Of the messes we make.
Learning what fits. And what never did.

Unraveled to be threaded again.
This time,

Different. x


Saturn, the great task-maker and Pluto, god of the underworld, worked our skies this summer bringing to light our worst, most destructive paths and patterns. The parts of us that need to shift for us to go from metaphysical children to adolescents. And I hope that if you too went through a rebirth, you too see it all as part of the process. And that you too allow yourself to be a messy work in progress. Cause our faults, the parts of us that need a little more love, are nothing more than data points. Moments in time alerting us to where we need to move next. Data points and moments of time that say nothing about our worth or potential. The only thing that can - is our ego. It can tell us we aren’t enough, we shouldn’t have done that. It judges us and makes us feel bad.

And I choose to let it go and only take forward what I’ve learned. No judgement. You? As things fall, who do you choose to listen to? The heart or the ego?