How much control do we really have with the LOA?


Q. "Hi Robin! I just read your post on using the LOA after a breakup and it opened my eyes to so many things! Something quite significant I've taken from it is that "what is meant to happen to us will happen regardless of how we feel". So the way I understand this is that the universe has a plan for us and there is not a lot we can do to change that. But doesn't that then completely contradict what the LOA is all about? If we create our future based on our thoughts and emotions, how then is this possible if the universe already has a plan for us? Am I misunderstanding?"

the law of attraction vs. fate —


A. Hi! Glad the break up post helped! You are right, it doesn't matter how we feel. It matters what we BELIEVE about what we feel. Take a peak back at Chapter 2 and re-read and re-read until it feels natural to think that way, because if we can train ourselves to love our lows, then the lows will give off a vibration of love. If we feel guilty about lows, then our lows give off a vibration of guilt. It's not the feeling itself, it's what we believe about it.

As for your question on manifestation vs. fate, you aren't misunderstanding, you're being a critical thinker, a necessary skill-set in today's day and age, especially where there is so much Internet fluff.

Instead of seeing it as either/or, I challenge you to understand it as both. We have power to create and we have to deal with life's ups and downs. Either/or is dualistic thinking, a way of thinking that has been ingrained in us over the past thousands of years. And that way of thinking is on its way OUT, because we are evolving as a planet.

We are here to co-create and the better you get at navigating through the 'fated' events, the more you can consciously manifest; because a fated event won't be a reason to give up on your law of attraction practice, it will be a new launch pad for which you USE your law of attraction skill-set to make life even better.

A big part of my teaching is the reality that we are here to grow and part of growth means not having things go our way. If you think back on your life, rock bottom is the place from which you changed. 

This is called transcendence.

We came into this world (or incarnation) with a plan and though we can create beautiful experiences with "the law of attraction" there are some things pre-arranged so we could grow. So there are times when we are in complete control and times when things are more divinely guided. 

But that doesn't sell. 

People find the law of attraction in search of control. They want so badly to regain control over some aspect of their life that feels out of control; be it a relationship, finances, health, etc. and it's actually really beautiful, because in that state of desperation they find 'the law of attraction' and are opened up to the reality that this world is energetic and that learning about it can improve our lives and allow us to see past limitation.

But that doesn't mean life is always easy.

People don't manifest terminal illness, accidents, homicides, assaults, etc. Those things happen for us to grow. And they are horrible. I see it every day in my work. 

If you take a look at influencers or thought leaders, they are always catapulted into 'success' with a post / video on the law of attraction, because the law of attraction SELLS. If you share your success on using manifestation principles to find success people will follow you (and buy from you) because they want success too.

This is also why influencers and thought leaders will make another post on the law of attraction a few months after their first one. The traffic from the first one dies down and they need to boost it again and they know, law of attraction sells.

It's exactly what happened to me. 

I wrote a post on what I've learned about the law of attraction to talk about transcendence and the struggles I had with the 'industry' and all of a sudden was catapulted into the industry because of the amount of people who wanted to work with me. 

People wanted control and I had insight into energy and gift for seeing through to a person's core.

And though part of it felt misaligned, I convinced myself it was a win / win because I was able to talk honestly with folks about the limitations of the law of attraction and support them in still finding success. 

But it wasn't a win/win.

Because like attracts like.

(Law of Attraction 101)

And those being drawn to me weren't being drawn to manifest what it was they thought they wanted, they were being drawn to me to be EMPOWERED.

Because I'm empowered.

I've put in the work. I've accepted my gifts. I walk my path.

And so I noticed I started to 'ruin lives.'

Not literally but in the sense that when people started working with me, everything they knew about themselves and their lives changed. Because the energy of the space I held brought up what was really going on and forced them to get real about what they were trying to bypass with an energy law.

One gal came to me wanting support attracting a new business and as we worked on the confidence required to bring that business to be, she realized she wanted the business because she wanted control, something she didn't have in her marriage, and from there realized she was in an unhealthy relationship and needed to leave her husband. Another came searching for a partner and through boundary work realized it was a connection with her inner self/purpose as a healer that she was wanting, not someone else, and so when we started to build that up, she no longer wanted to find The One.

Both came to me disempowered and looking to the law of attraction to get their power back, and through our work realized true power ALWAYS comes from within. 

I don't know how long you've been following my work, but after the solar eclipse I decided I would no longer be supporting people 1:1 with their 'law of attraction' practice and will instead be holding space to support folks through whatever lessons or blocks they are experiencing on their way to being more authentically themselves. 

Because that's what the law of attraction is, anyway, just without the ego.

You learn to "ask, believe, receive" and have it work enough for you to believe it, and then you "ask, believe, and don't receive" and you start to wonder if it's real. If energy is a thing, if you ever even had any power at all. And that's where things get good (in a round-about way) because you realize what you were being guided to learn all along: that you are here to learn and grow and that you are part of something so much greater than a manifestation list.

And that's the stage I authentically work at. 

I'm here to support those who are moving from 'ask, believe, receive' to 'ask, believe, don't receive', those who are ready to ask, "what's next", because it's in that moment that you learn what empowerment really means.

It's in that moment that you're receptive to turning inward and working on YOURSELF so you maintain your power through life's inevitable ups and downs. It's from there that you start to dream BIG and realize what you learned about energy was never so you could draw in a partner or thing and instead was so you could feel no limit in what you knew yourself capable of achieving. I'm here for when you're ready to stop putting your power in an energy law and start to put it in yourself; in your ability to identify and lean into your lessons, in your ability to maintain your stability and grow through pain. 

Because it's at this stage that you start to find your soul purpose.

That you start to crave growth.

That you start to learn how to stay aligned regardless of what's happening in the world or what's happening in your world.

That you realize you are powerful beyond belief and that the higher your aspirations, the more clutter you have to work through. The more you have to let go.

It's this stage that you start to finally know peace.

Which is what you were unknowingly looking for all along.


This week was a new moon in Virgo and we are being asked to get clear on how we want to move forward in life. Which aligns perfectly with numerology and this being the end of a Year 1 (a year of seeds... seeds that will sprout over the next EIGHT years) and I want to move forward authentically. 

I have struggled to know what direction to take my business, because while I know the law of attraction inside out, I'm happiest working with folks on accountability — accountability to their visions, dreams, themselves, this world. Regardless of what is showing up externally. I love supporting folks in building up a skill-set to maintain their vibration through challenge rather than trying to find ways to bypass it with an energy law.

Because we can't bypass anything we are meant to experience. And when we try, the experience will show up again and again.

And so I leave you with this:

The only thing you need to remember to be successful at life is that the only thing you will ever have control over is you.

The more you learn about energy and really start to get it, the more you align and the higher you can climb.

So keep leaning into this energetic conversation and keep learning new things.

And always show up for what shows up for you.

If it's a lesson, ask to learn it as quickly and as gracefully as possible. If it's a block, dig deep to find it and then call on your LOA skill-set (affirmations, gratitude lists, visualization, crystals, mentors, etc.) to work through it. Energy is real, energy laws are real, we are ALWAYS supported, and you are an infinite being here to learn some amazing things. :)