6 Ways to Work With Plant Consciousness To Manifest Your Dreams

Earth is as alive as you and I.

It is a conscious being, which is why it has a personal chakra system and grid lines. 

And when we talk plant consciousness, we are talking this energy.

A steady, familiar energy similar to a loving mother who wants to support, care for and protect YOU. 
As maternal energy, Earth jumps at the opportunity to care for her beings and one way it does this is through gifts like rocks and plants and other natural offerings, which all share in her steady energy and maintain a consciousness of their own.

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How You're Making the Law of Attraction More Difficult Than It Needs to Be

The biggest trap people get into when wanting to manifest an intention is to believe there is a set of 'steps' they need to be following.

Visualizing this many minutes.

Saying this many affirmations.


Because there isn’t.

In fact, following a pre-set set of rules is the fastest way to limit your success, because the rigidity of a step-by-step blocks your inner voice; your intuition.

Though visualization and affirmation can be great tools to move energy in your favour, once you know what you want, you only need one other thing (well, two) to be successful, and that’s a deep connection to your intuition and the willingness to listen to what it is telling you you need to do.

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What No One Tells You About Being An Empath

If you've been reading along you know that at the beginning of 2018 I decided to change everything about what I was experiencing. I was tired. I was burnt out. I was hurting. I had been told many times throughout my life that the change I believed in for the world was idealistic, and that my heart was naive, because good people don’t succeed and life has a way of forcing us off track with our dreams. And when my heart needed a break last November I let those ‘truths’ get to me. I started to believe in what other people were saying.
I felt silly for having big dreams…

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Shift This About Your Mindset & Watch Life Start Blooming

The first intuitive to ever read my energy told me to believe in myself and everything would change.

And it's true.

If you believe in what society tells you you need to do to be successful, you will only ever be successful the way it allows you to. But if you remember that this is a zero limit reality and believe in yourself and your ability to CHOOSE to be successful regardless of what you do and do not do by society's standards, you can manifest a life that's honest to who you are and what you're wanting.

Remembering that nothing ever changes by staying the same.

And this world will not change until us changemakers change by believing ourselves to success and using our success stories as pavement for a new way of being.

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Mixing Money & Spirituality: My Thoughts on Charging For Your Gifts

Making the decision to take this space (and my worth) seriously by integrating more of a Masculine side of me over the past few months has changed more than just the amount of income I make. I enjoy the money because I enjoy being free, but making a profit is so much more than money. The amount of focus, learning and self-honesty that had to happen to generate the income I am currently making is why my life is feeling beautiful these days. I set a goal and I reached it because I had the courage to unlearn what was taught to me and learn new skills to align with something more truthful in terms of who I am and what I want this world to be.

To answer your second question:

I don't feel overwhelmed because I came back to this space strategically. I created boundaries for everything. Going as far as taking wifi out of my apartment so I couldn't work from home. I needed a clear boundary between the world I share with the world and the world I keep for me. I also set boundaries in relation to who could and could not email me. I answer client e-mails and e-mails through the diary's Self-Care Community and if I don't get to all of them right away because I'm out enjoying my life, that's okay.

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