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Read This If ‘Living Your Purpose’ Isn’t Working

If you’ve been following my journey, you know I’ve known I’ve had a purpose since I was an infant.

A mission.

Something I was here to be doing.

And I was deeply depressed until I started living it, because it is who I am, and it is why I am here on this planet.

And not living it created a void in me that nothing filled - until I started speaking.


Sharing the skills I’ve learned that help make being an empath a good thing.


Anyone who knows they are here for a reason knows that reason sits in your bones and makes you miserable.

It consumes you.

Sometimes slowly;

a slow leak;

where one day you realize you’ve been drowning.

For others, it’s more sudden.

A breakup causes a breakthrough, or something else shifts you.

And you realize you can’t keep living the way you were.

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A New Beginning

It’s live! The new diary. Filled to the brim with the feeling of the world I want to live in. It’s also two months late, and I want to talk a bit about that because it’s late because I felt safe. Having the cover-page up on this site allowed me to breathe in a way I haven’t breathed for almost two years because I knew no one was reading my story. And I wanted to stay in those waters a little while. Because it reminded me of the sacredness of sharing myself with the world. And through that, the worth of my words. Feeling free showed me just how many people I had been supporting. In many ways, I’ve felt like a bird right before he takes off. When he flaps his wings to build up a bit of momentum; when he’s building up the courage to keep going…

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Life PurposeRobin
Patience, and Why I Haven't Been Writing

Where do I start? It’s been months! Two to be exact. And then a month between posts before that.

As someone with a bio that reads ‘I write for empaths’ I haven’t been doing my job. And for the first time I’ve been okay with that because my spirit knew I needed time inside my own heart.

I needed space to figure things out.

Because this work is hard.

And when you’re making moves in front of an audience it’s really easy to turn what you do into an art. A performance. And as lovely as it is to perform, I never want to be someone who puts on a show. I’m here to be real. I get nauseous if I can’t be myself.

So I stepped back to make sure the life I was building was a life that I want.

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How to Hear Your Intuition When Needing To Make a Difficult Decision

I'm supposed to be in Glastonbury, England but I'm not.

And it feels strange to write that in one simple sentence, because the decision to forgo the trip wasn't easy at all.

It was painful.

Overwhelming -

And nearly took me out.

Because for days I couldn't decide what I was supposed to do. And even bought three flights because I kept missing them as I went back and forth.

I had signs both ways; signs on why this trip was necessary and signs on why I shouldn't go.

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Mixing Money & Spirituality: My Thoughts on Charging For Your Gifts

Making the decision to take this space (and my worth) seriously by integrating more of a Masculine side of me over the past few months has changed more than just the amount of income I make. I enjoy the money because I enjoy being free, but making a profit is so much more than money. The amount of focus, learning and self-honesty that had to happen to generate the income I am currently making is why my life is feeling beautiful these days. I set a goal and I reached it because I had the courage to unlearn what was taught to me and learn new skills to align with something more truthful in terms of who I am and what I want this world to be.

To answer your second question:

I don't feel overwhelmed because I came back to this space strategically. I created boundaries for everything. Going as far as taking wifi out of my apartment so I couldn't work from home. I needed a clear boundary between the world I share with the world and the world I keep for me. I also set boundaries in relation to who could and could not email me. I answer client e-mails and e-mails through the diary's Self-Care Community and if I don't get to all of them right away because I'm out enjoying my life, that's okay.

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8 Unmistakable Signs You Have a Specific Life Purpose

I'm not shy about saying I came here with something important to do. I've known it since I can remember. A feeling in my bones that I couldn't verbalize. I didn't know what it was, I just knew I was made for something specific and that I was on a timeline. In fact — this knowing is what initially brought me into the world of energy. The very first intuitive I ever met looked me in the eyes and said, "you know you came into this lifetime with work to do, you knew they needed help down here and you agreed to come back" and it brought chills because I DID know and it was the first time I felt safe acknowledging my inner call rather than pushing it aside in fear of my ego.

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What I know about living your life purpose

Being intentional about aligning with our life purpose is magical. It's also really important for shifting the nature of this world. Aligning with our purpose creates change; change in the lives of the people we are meant to meet through our purpose and change in the energetic frequency of this earth as a whole. But it isn't all breezy. The shift, the move, the change in vibration that comes with aligning with your purpose can feel uncomfortable. It can also create loss and loss feels unfair. If you're going through the confusion and the loss or you're just ready to start aligning with the purpose you know you are here to live, this post is for you.

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