Q & A: Do you like who you've become?

 you know you're coming into balance when the two books on your night stand are 'Crossing to Avalon' and 'Secrets of the Millionaire Mind' - anyone else read these?

you know you're coming into balance when the two books on your night stand are 'Crossing to Avalon' and 'Secrets of the Millionaire Mind' - anyone else read these?

Q. Hi Robin, do you enjoy the way your blog has evolved in a way that allows you to generate income? Is it overwhelming or do you still have enough time to devote to yourself? I admire what you have done because I am still uncomfortable with money-related root chakra issues. 

A. Hi, great question. And thank you! I love the way this space is changing.

Making the decision to take this space (and my worth) seriously by integrating more of a Masculine side of me over the past few months has changed more than just the amount of income I make. I enjoy the money because I enjoy being free, but making a profit is so much more than money. The amount of focus, learning and self-honesty that had to happen to generate the income I am currently making is why my life is feeling beautiful these days. I set a goal and I reached it because I had the courage to unlearn what was taught to me and learn new skills to align with something more truthful in terms of who I am and what I want this world to be.

To answer your second question:

I don't feel overwhelmed because I came back to this space strategically. I created boundaries for everything. Going as far as taking wifi out of my apartment so I couldn't work from home. I needed a clear boundary between the world I share with the world and the world I keep for me. I also set boundaries in relation to who could and could not email me. I answer client e-mails and e-mails through the diary's Self-Care Community and if I don't get to all of them right away because I'm out enjoying my life, that's okay.

That said, my business grew faster than I was expecting in this first quarter (it's Eclipse season so desires are manifesting quickly) and I did get a bit off kilter last week. But because I've learned what it feels like to be balanced and know the importance of my Masculine energy in staying steady on my feet, the minute I began to feel out of sorts I was able to ground down, recognize the feeling for what it was and respond (rather than react) by booking a solo trip to a small town to get some quiet and re-organize. I was also able to flex my receiving muscles (a new thing for me!!!) and ask my community if they would be willing to swap expertise to help me stay on track with my goals for 2018.

If you admire what I'm doing, consider this your invitation to join me! The pursuit of money is just a catalyst for what us Empaths need. It's the things you'll learn and conquer in its pursuit (like goal-setting, boundaries, commitment/productivity, knowing the worth you bring to this world, speaking up, receiving) that will change your understanding of how good this life can be.

I notice patterns, and lack of money is the number one reason outside fear of authenticity that keeps Empaths from living their dreams. And because our dreams involve shifting this planet in some way, our shame and fear around money has to change.

So I'm going to continue to be honest and transparent and real about how I'm growing my wealth to encourage you to do the same. Money doesn't change you. It only amplifies what you can do. And at the end of the day, if we aren't confronting our money mindsets and doing the work to conquer the lies that need conquering, we are wanting change but not stepping up to change things.

(A hard truth I had to learn.)

Something else I noticed is that the more I celebrate money and the Masculine skill-set I need to call it to me, the more the Masculine people in my life are beginning to embrace their Femininity. They want to talk intuition and share their feelings as much as I want to talk business strategies and learn about investing. They want to know their purpose and confront their wounding, the same way I want to say no and think my choices through logistically. 

More than ever I'm seeing how this Masculine/Feminine balance is how the world will change. When us Empaths get real about how we hold ourselves back under the pretence of 'being kind and caring and not caring about materialistic things', we transcend our shadow and allow the Masculine energy to do the same. 

If you are serious about overcoming your money blocks, we cover money mindset in the Empowered Empath, Module 2.

The full curriculum is below.

And the cost of the course will be doubling again soon.



Module 1 | Empath Non-Negotiables

Self-care is SO much more than a buzzword. It’s the basis of everything when you carry the Feminine energy. We start this course by setting you up with a daily Empath self-care routine, including two of my favourite Empath Non-Negotiables: ‘Clear, Ground, Shield’ and Heart and Womb Breathing. As you go about the course you will add to it with the exercises you pick up through each of the following modules. Don’t overlook this step! A self-care routine is imperative to knowing your center and having the energetic space to absorb the information I am going to present to you over the next five weeks.

Module 2 | Foundations and Security

This module is all about getting honest about your foundations and security needs. And yes, we are talking about money, because without money you cannot make change. We deep-dive into why Empaths have a lack mindset and debunk the myths Empaths have bought into to change your financial situation so you are more than supported along your journey. We also talk about past life and childhood wounding; two types of wounds that are kept in our Root Chakra and impact our sense of of safety as we navigate the 3D.

Module 3 | Personal Power

This module is all about you understanding the simplicity of manifestation and how you are self-sabotaging your potential with a victim mentality. The Sacral Chakra also governs relationships so we confront your lack of personal belief and how you unknowingly (and knowingly) seek validation from others to own your desires and live your dreams.

Module 4 | Self-Worth and Esteem

This module is all about boundaries and how they are less about wanting to support other people and more about a lack of self-esteem. We get real about the importance of saying NO to everything and anything that doesn’t resonate with your Inner Being. We also revisit the past life and childhood wounding from Module 2 to clear up any remaining issues keeping you from knowing your worth and living in a way that embodies a sense of strong esteem.

Module 5 | Authenticity

This module is all about getting crystal clear on your authenticity. On who you are really, by clearing out past-conditioning and governing voices that aren’t in celebration of who you incarnated to be. We also welcome in the energy of the Third Eye to challenge present-day power dynamics keeping you from living unapologetically.

Module 6 | Empowered Goal Setting

In the final module we compile the lessons of the previous five weeks (all that journalling) to bring forth a new you through Empowered goal setting. By this point you have a strong idea for who you are and who you are wanting to be, and you’ve started doing the inner work to overcome the blocks you have to a new you physically manifesting… and this module is about making it a reality. To take all the talk and theory and make it a tangible thing. We drop back into Module 1’s Self-Care Plan and map out (and schedule in) purpose-specific actions into your new Empowered daily routine. This Module teaches hacks to productivity and teaches you why commitment to your purpose needs to be a daily thing

Already a deep beautiful heartfelt THANK YOU for this amazing journaling course. It’s already been transformational for me in more ways than I could ever imagine (and I’m just starting Week 3!!!)
— CZ, Belgium
Robin, I’ve been participating in (your) journalling course and I love it! Thank you so much! You are very special and I am thankful to have found you.
— CV
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