the power of journalling

 2017's journals! 

2017's journals! 


As most of you know, today is the launch of my new journalling course!

The Empowered Empath, designed to move Empaths through their chakra blocks and into their purpose... because it's high-time us Intuitives stop procrastinating, stop doubting, stop questioning and get moving forward on our path.

In a way that not only supports those we've agreed to support.

But ourselves too!

(Because we can't do one without the other.)

And now that the course is ready to go I've been feeling unsure on how to best share the impact of the program with my audience.

I know the program is exactly what an Empath needs to do to overcome the blocks all of us Empaths have to stepping into our purpose and role.

Because it's what I did to step into mine.

And what I've been using to guide hundreds (and now thousands) of Empaths over the past year.

(You can bet my Weekly Self-Care Reminders are a sneaky way of me diving into your lower chakras and clearing out Collective blocks.)

But how do I share that?

How do I show the transformation that will come from these journalling prompts?

How do I show the power of this chakra work?

How can I transport my audience back to my lowest moments (when I didn't have an audience) and show them how doing this work allowed everything to change?

How do I 'prove' how misaligned I was and how aligned (with my purpose) I now am?

Because of a pen, some paper and a decision to stop making excuses and dive in.

I can't do it with a sales page.

I can't do it with an e-mail sequence.

So I've decided to do what my spirit likes to do most...

And that's to get transparent. 

To invite you into my past.

And share a reading I had in late 2015 that called out how my chakras were holding me back.

So you can see who I was then and compare it to who I am now.


I've decided to bare it all.

The blocks the reader picked up on.

And where my head and heart space was at when I read her reading.

Because I know many of you are in a similar place.

Feeling stuck, stagnant.

Afraid to take your next step.

Knowing you are holding yourself back.

Wanting to experience a MUCH different reality.

One that's authentic and true to you.

One that allows you to be of service the way you KNOW you incarnated to...

And instead of just saying:

"I know how you feel."


"I've been where you are."

I'm going to show you exactly how real those two statements are.

Robin in late 2015 was really struggling.

Robin in early 2018 is shining.

All because she got honest with herself, bought a journal and got journalling.


Here is the reading!

Dated: 21.11.15

It was hiding in a folder on my computer and I only found this week while sorting through my files looking for something.

The reading was free through Belinda Davidson's School of the Modern Mystic. Her students were learning to read energy fields and I got linked with Rachel. I didn't know her, she didn't know me. She just knew my e-mail address and had permission to read my energy.

The reading was given on the premise that I would give feedback to help the Reader perfect her abilities, so you get her insights and the feedback that came from me.

* At the time of the reading I was going through a breakup and struggling with a friend and neither of those two people agreed to a public life so I've removed any mention that would impact their privacy. Everything else is EXACTLY how I was feeling in late 2015.



I hope it helps you!

And that if you find yourself in my writing, that you too make the decision to do things differently. I fast-track you through the process with the Empowered Empath but it's up to you to first decide that you and your purpose are worth fast-tracking. 



Here's the link to check out the program!