The 11.11 Gateway


In lieu of a podcast, I wanted to pop into a space where I feel most grounded and chat quickly about the 11.11 and the heaviness we are feeling right now and what I want you asking yourself this weekend.

If you're in my self-care e-mails I've been keeping in you in the loop, but if you aren't and you don't know what I'm talking about when I say 11.11, it's a time of rapid manifestation, like a growth spurt following the growing pains we've all been feeling over these past few months - and will continue to feel for many more.

I could get galactic on you but I'll just say the 1s stand for new beginnings and the emphasis of these times is on outgrowing the outdated and moving confidently in the direction of how we'd rather things be.

Which lines up perfectly with Kaypacha's astrology report this week where he talks about the importance of integrity, responsibility and honouring ourselves and our lives by taking ACTION to let go of what doesn't serve to build a solid plan for a future that does.

Soul purpose is a big player.

And so is standing up for what you know, especially about yourself, especially when it's inconvenient, uncomfortable, hard.

Exactly what I was unknowingly chattering about in last week's podcast.

Where I gave you an exercise to build up your inner resonance to align with why you're here. 

Whether conscious or not, the energy of the 11.11 gateway is reminding us to make decisions in alignment with who we are and not where we've been or who we've been conditioned to be.

For me this time feels like a time of humbleness.

Where we are realizing how far we've come, but feel a responsibility to go farther and do what we have to do to walk forward with integrity. Even when that means burning things down, even when that means walking away.

You know the quote, "When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on."?

Though admirable, the energy of these times suggests that you instead spend time thinking if perhaps it's time you throw that rope away and start anew. 

Ask yourself:

"If I decided to go for the life of my dreams, what's the first change I would need to make?" 

And then...

"What's the first step I can take in that direction?" 

Give your future a chance, and remember:

This life is a series of small steps.

Moment-to-moment decisions.

And it's phenomenons like 11.11 that enter our planet to remind us to make them in favour of the life we're wanting to live rather than the fears and excuses trying to hold us back from living it.



November 2017Robin