Journalling prompts for empaths

journalling prompts for empaths and depression,

One of my most favourite things about having this site is getting to watch those who come across it transform.

Especially those who find the empath label and have their aha, their click, their "woah, I think I might be an empath" moment, because I know the self-awareness that comes from that moment changes everything. 

I also know how powerful it is to realize you aren't that strange after all, and that the things that make you different are the things that make you who you are; part of a group of people here to do really amazing things. 

And I love that.

There is something so very surreal about knowing my courage to speak up about my journey is why you were able to better understand yours. 

It's a privilege to be part of you finding the missing link you've been searching for for so long.

Because I know when you find it, it all makes sense.

This world.

And where you fit.

And so, I want to start sharing a few of your 'aha' moments.

The moment it all clicked, because while you may feel no one gets you, from my perspective of meeting SO many beautiful empaths, there are so many people out there who do!

I'm hoping sharing a few stories, and linking you with some of the empaths I get to chat with regularly, will help bridge that. To show that while experiencing the world in an intuitive way can feel so very lonely at times, you are never, EVER, alone; there is always someone out there who would love to be reached out to.

To start, I've pulled some quotes from a blog post by the lovely Joelle from the Relovery Journal and the piece she wrote about finding my work and finally having everything make sense, because not only is she an amazing writer, she also perfectly sums up the experience of so many people! 

A big part of Joelle's work is self-discovery through journalling and so at the bottom of the post I've also included some journalling prompts she created for the empath community specifically. Journalling is a powerful way to access and condition the subconscious mind and prompted journalling is something I recommend everyone have in their self-care toolkit.

Here are her words:

(With her full article on how she discovered she was an empath, here.)

I was always lost as to why I felt things so deeply, cared too much, and felt socially drained so easily. The first step I took looking for answers lead me to therapy. I knew I had depression and anxiety issues, and was labeled with an anxiety disorder and of course, depression. Being labeled as mentally ill is never what you’re looking for and taking prescription medication daily was not going to cure all of me. I struggled with that label for years. I agreed that I was depressed and anxious but I also knew there was something else hindering me.
One day, I was looking through Pinterest and found a blog post about the Law of Attraction and the common ways people were misinterpreting the use and purpose of manifestation.  After I read the post I decided to read more by the author due to how much it related to me and how well it was written. That was the day I found my guardian angel, Robin. I didn’t hesitate to send her a message with my current struggles and how I related so much to her LOA post because I felt lost in my personal manifesting. I revealed everything to her. How I was ashamed to be mentally ill and how it was affecting my relationships. I told her all of my faults and the things I was aware I needed to change in order to live a more emotionally healthy existence. Her response saved my life. She told me things I never knew about myself, including the most important information I have ever been told - that I was an empath. All of my insecurities about my emotions and feelings were lifted, I could actually breathe again! I spent almost two hours on a Skype call with Robin and in that time she shifted my entire perspective on life. She answered questions I didn’t even know I needed the answers to. She opened my eyes to my true identity and without her I would still be lost.
I now knew why I felt so strongly about certain causes and unjust situations. Why watching the news was so overwhelming because of how uncomfortable it made me. I learned that I was so far from weak, just sensitive. This sensitivity is POWERFUL! It allows me a certain gift that only empathetic souls can tap into and enables me to feel vibrations of energy everywhere. From people and animals to nature, I have always had a deeper and stronger connection to my surroundings than most. Before I knew that being an empath was a gift, I never felt comfortable sharing my strong feelings because others didn’t care half as much as I did. Finding Robin was a pivotal moment in my life and I owe her more than I can ever repay.

The "more than I could ever repay" is the same feeling I have for the intuitives who helped me wake up because the gift of realizing who you are and that who you are is not wrong is invaluable because it is only when we know ourselves that we can be ourselves, and it's only when we are ourselves that this world can change. 

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There is nothing more powerful than finding ourselves in another's story because there is nothing more powerful than to know we aren't alone.

Take a peak at the journal prompts Joelle has provided below and if you feel called, give her website and socials some love! I'm so excited to be part of her journey.


Relovery Journal

Download PDF of the journal prompts.

Journal prompts to start when you are having a bad day and need to release negative emotions and tap into a calmer and positive mindset:

My unique abilities include…
I find myself in full body awareness when I am…
I feel most authentic when…


Journal prompts to start when you are having a good day and want to further explore the qualities and in depth emotions of being an empath:

My daily self care non-negotiable is…
I am shielding myself from energy drainers (people, experiences, etc.) by…
I feel most in tune with (nature, animals, people) when…
The limiting beliefs I am letting go of are…
I allow myself alone time when I feel…
The reason I felt drained today was because of…

Let me know if you took action on these prompts and if you have a favourite! 

And if you are someone who loves to journal AND you're ready to overcome the lessons every Empaths has to learn to step confidently into their calling, I encourage you to check out The Empowered Empath, my popular journalling course. <3



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