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I'm looking forward to our call! Please take a moment and fill out this form. There are no right or wrong answers, just go with what feels best. I will send you a link and password to our call space via e-mail prior to our designated call time. 

Calls take place on Zoom. If accessing from a Desktop you only need to click the link I send - it will bring you into the call space. If accessing from a mobile, you first have to download the free App.

All that is required for Coaching is an Internet connection and your presence. Feel free to also bring a notebook and pen, but notes are not required as I will send you post-call notes after our session/s.

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Please note: All personal information collected during our time together (i.e., birth chart, e-mails, notes taken from our sessions to assist with post-call notes and homework assignments, address/es to send products) are kept securely filed under your name for the duration of our 1:1 work. Information is destroyed in full 48-hours following our final call to ensure client confidentiality.