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A collection of hand-crafted essential oil
blends designed for Empaths and our unique set of energetic and emotional needs.

in partnership w. Health Mafia



Empaths have big work to do on this planet. They also have a unique set of energetic and emotional needs that are rarely met. Oils for Empaths was designed to balance the Empath chakra system and support Empaths in living out their calling.

There are six signature blends:

+ Grounding (Root Chakra)
+ Personal Power (Sacral Chakra)
+ Boundaries (Solar Plexus Chakra)
+ Heart Opening (Heart Chakra)
+ Authenticity (Throat Chakra)
+ Connection (Third Eye and Crown Chakra)


Blends are hand-made in Halifax, Nova Scotia and shipped internationally. Because each blend is made individually, requests for specific additional healing properties can be made to be infused into the blend via Reiki energy.

Blends will be available as a 6-piece set or individually in summer 2018. 

Portion of all sales goes to nature-camps for intuitive youth.



Sample the line's signature grounding blend and receive a collection of personalized stones!


(prices in USD, taxes and shipping included!)



  • 5 mL grounding essential old blend
  • 3-4 authentic stones personalized to you
  • a surprise to support your journey <3

Perfect for someone new to essential oils and/or crystals and their healing properties, who is looking for support feeling understood, safe and secure.


  • Patchouli: to connect mind, body and soul
  • Black Pepper: to heal spirit, support the divine masculine, provide the strength to act
  • Lavender: calming, relaxing, overall chakra toner
  • Vetiver: deepens spiritual connection to earth and awareness of physical body, earthing/grounding
  • Grapeseed carrier oil

* At payment you'll receive a form to fill out with shipping address and any allergies. You'll also have an option to fill out current struggles/needs for me to best choose your stones.*