Manifestation Coaching

Manifestation Coaching

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There is nothing woo-woo about it: energy is real and we are constantly creating our future with our beliefs and the actions we take. Through 1:1 support, I've combined my love for energy and manifestation with my background in solution-focused, strengths-based supportive counselling to support you in taking control of your energy to take control of your life. During our first call I will ask the difficult questions to get to the bottom of what it is you are wanting to call in. Once identified we will also start digging up the limiting beliefs keeping you from receiving it. In each of the three follow-up calls we will work together to meet and release the blocks that come up as you center in on your vision, increase your vibration and start living in alignment with your goals.

What's included:

1 x 60 minute introductory call

3 x 60 minute follow-up mentorship sessions (weekly or biweekly)

Follow up e-mail with conversation notes and list of tools/resources/"homework" after each call

Unlimited e-mail support between sessions

Investment: $475 USD