01. Thank you for this workshop! So many things pulled at me. I remembered a lot of things. But now I don’t know what to do with it. What’s the next step after you start remembering?

The ‘next step’ is to act on what you remembered ;)

In terms of the workshop:

Which keyword pulled at you most? Google it.

What part of the workshop are you still thinking about?
Read a book on it.

What did I say that made you feel enough that you wrote it down in your workbook?
Sit with it for a while and see what else comes through.

I talk a lot about the elves in the workshop, but it’s not like an elf came and sat on my bed and told me he was my guide. Instead, I was guided to read a book because I liked the cover, then I stumbled across the word ‘Avalon’ and had massive chills… so I leaned in and learned more about Avalon and had a vision of being at a well. So I searched ‘wells and Avalon’ and the Chalice Well showed up and it looked just like my vision… so I knew I was onto something because it was proof that I could at least begin to trust in. On and on and on to where I am today, receiving names of my ‘elf family’ and bits on our role in ‘elf society’ — and working very closely with my elvian guides for support with what I’m here to do as a human.

We’ve been trained to believe this is all imaginary, so even if an elf DID sit on my bed and introduce himself to me, I would never have believed him/it.

I would have convinced it away.

Or thought I was crazy.

(Even teaching this stuff takes a lot out of me because I have to fight my conditioning.)

So they ease us in to build up our self-trust.

And for some of us, that takes a long time and a lot of “breadcrumbs”.

Act on what pulls at you most.

And then create your own step-by-step by repeating the process again and again until you look back and realize how it all makes sense.

Treat it like a scavenger hunt.

It can be fun.

You’ve got this!

02. When it comes to calling on guidance, I often feel like I’m missing the guidance I’ve asked for, like I’m on the wrong radio station and all I hear is static, or maybe it’s me and I’m on the wrong channel.  How do I know who and what to trust? Is someone even hearing my requests for guidance?

Learning your clair-type is important.

For example, if you sit down and wait to hear guidance and you are not clairaudient, you won’t hear much. Same if you’re not naturally clairvoyant, you won’t see the signs like repeating numbers. Regardless of how many people talk about seeing them!

The only way to receive YOUR guidance (and the messages from your team, especially your angels) is to know how you receive information… and how you receive information is known as…

Clairsentience (Clear-feeling)

Claircognizance (Clear-knowing)

Clairaudience (Clear-hearing)

Clairvoyance (Clear-seeing)


Once you know your primary type/s, you’ll receive a lot more because you’ll be open to ‘hearing’ how you were designed to.

And yes!

There IS ‘someone’ out there listening.


If you don’t ‘hear’ them, it’s because you aren’t ‘listening’. :)

In the sense that you aren’t receptive… yet… because you don’t know how you personally receive information because you don’t know your clair-type.

As soon as you learn your clair-type and get good at practicing it: for example, if you find out that you are predominantly clairsentient… or clear-feeling… and start to really notice your feelings like body chills when someone is saying something, you won’t doubt being heard.

Because you’ll notice the chills relate to your questions.

Or that you had a chill just when someone was saying exactly what you needed to hear to move forward.

Until then, though, you’ll have ‘static’.

So read about the clairs with the link I provided in the workshop and start paying attention how you were designed to. That’s the only way your team will be able to get through to you, and the only way you’ll know for sure that you really do have a team walking alongside you.

Re: trust

The best way to know what is and is not for you in general is to activate your Solar Plexus chakra. You can do the Feels Good/Feels Bad list each night until you start to feel confident in yourself. I used it for years and now I don’t use it because my Solar Plexus has gotten quite strong.

It’s also helpful to ask Horus in to clear your Third Eye if you feel unsure about something or someone, including guidance. Your Third Eye is considered your ‘spiritual eyes’ and it sees through all. When it is clear, it will feel like a filter has come off and you’ll just sense the truth (or lie) of something.

It will be natural.

But it takes time, so go slow. And be patient with yourself. Learning to communicate with your team is like learning a new language. I don’t know about you, but when I started learning Swedish, I wasn’t fluent in a day. I’m still not and it’s been three years. Allow yourself to be a beginner and celebrate all the moments your team DOES come through for you, because those moments are so very special.

Especially before communicating with them becomes normal.

Hope that helps!