Do you find yourself talking about the law of attraction but not really believing you can co-create your reality? Or if you believe, noticing small shifts in your life but wondering why the bigger things aren't manifesting?

Do you spend a lot of time looking for the perfect step-by-step? Following others and realizing it's not as easy as they are suggesting it might be?

Are you frustrated that you know all the theories, but still feel like you're missing something?


I understand. Completely.


And it's time we shift things.

Because as an Empath you are hardwired to succeed at manifesting!

But only if you ACT on your intuition.

And celebrate how intuitive you are and how much information you are receiving.

Over the next hour and half I'll be walking you through both sides of co-creating; the popular Feminine side of setting intentions and working with energy and the less known Masculine side of building momentum and committing to the things your heart is dreaming.

I'll be walking you through the manifestation process (start to finish) and sharing just how easy the Law of Attraction can be when you adapt your practice to fit your needs as an Intuitive being.

The Law of Attraction as an Empath



1. the simple trick to deciding what you want when you can see 100 sides of everything

2. how to communicate a clear intention to the non-physical (what angels/guides to call on and how to work with your Higher Self/ves)

3. the six types of intuition and how to use your personal intuitive style to know how to take inspired action and feel confident in the action you're taking (once you know your intuitive style and how to use it to manifest nothing can stop you from succeeding)

4. what you need to be doing while an intention germinates (how to let go of control and not freak out when waiting for what you want to manifest, especially if you are under a strict time frame!)

5. the one small thing I do every morning to stay committed to my dreams/desires and keep energy in my favour throughout the rest of the day

6. my best tips for handling contrast and polarity and not getting thrown off track by the lessons that show up after deciding to up-level your reality... because lessons are part of manifesting happy things!


*This workshop was created because the 'Law of Attraction' is only one law that governs our reality. The Law of Gender, the Law of Action and the Law of One are the pieces you've been missing.

I want to jump in and tell you how incredible this workshop has been for me already. I know you’ll get lots of feedback from this but I want to tell you that watching you BE has been an honor.



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So much great information! I keep forgetting that I’m not made from a cookie cutter. All the stuff that doesn’t resonate with me isn’t because they are doing it right and I’m doing it wrong, it’s because I’m a different Clair.... :)
You asked for my biggest takeaway: More action and less “dreaming” and trying to feel like I already had all the things I want. Because it turns out I’m claircognizant and need to be journaling and putting myself into real action.
My ahas! 1. When it comes to business, I need to be in my own energy for a while. 2. I’ve got SOOO much intuitive awareness but I reason it away and don’t act on it. 3. My empath style is predominately Flora and I’m not tapping this strength. 4. I’m holding onto limiting about morphing my work and adding passive income/coaching rather than huge service offerings. And so many more!
... I was getting frustrated because I was following so many other LOA influencers and starting to put myself in THEIR box but that took me away from what I KNEW I should be doing. Thank you!