I don't know if it's the Magician being my birth card or the fact that almost every intuitive I meet tells me I have fae origin, but I love manifestation and love even more to help others move past their blocks to have a successful 'law of attraction' practice and live out the life they desire. The hype is real. This world is malleable and we really are creating our realities with every breath we take. This is good when we know how to create what we want with intention, and not so great when we are creating a reality we don't want by default of not knowing better.

To support you in learning how to better manifest and learn the energetic tools needed to create a lifestyle you desire, I offer two mentorship streams:  

1. Clarity Call | $65 USD

This stream is for those who are already practicing intentional manifestation but struggling to see the results they desire. Through this one-on-one call we take an inventory of your current manifestation practice and together what is  holding you back from obtaining what it is you have been desiring. This includes identifying the limiting beliefs hiding out in our subconscious creating energetic blocks. Once we identify what is holding you back I give you real-life tools (physical and energetic) for moving through them for you to know success. 

If you aren't ready to dive into a full mentorship package, but are still interested in improving your law of attraction practice and overcoming a specific hump, a clarity call is for you.

What to expect:

Pre-call form.
1 x 75 minute call.
A follow up PDF with notes plus action steps for moving through the blocks we identify.

This call is intensive and we move through blocks quickly.

2. 7 - Week Support | $975 USD

This stream is for those ready to dive head-first into taking ownership for their life and the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions keeping them from obtaining the lifestyle they desire who are also ready to invest in themselves so the universe can meet them more than halfway. Together we goal set, create a plan for maintaining your vibration through ups and downs, identify how you personally work with the universe / receive guidance, identify and work through limiting beliefs and give you the tools to continue to manifest what you desire long after our work together.






Week 1: Goal setting | 90-minutes

In this call we grab an overview of you and your current life as well as where you are wanting to go. We gain clarity on your visions for your life and together map out your 3 month, 9 month and 2 year goals.  Homework given.

Week 2: Energy and vibrations | 60-minutes

This call is all about determining your unique energy needs and intuitive style and developing an energetic self-care practice to give you tools to maintain and realign your energetic vibration.  Homework given and Energetic Self-Care Plan created and e-mailed to you.

Week 3 through Week 5: Limiting beliefs | 60-minutes each

These calls are follow up to your homework from week 1 where we start to take action on the 3 month goals and start identifying and moving through the limiting beliefs that arise.

These 3 weeks are for actively living an intentional manifestation practice with me nearby as a guide. By taking action on your goals and having a space to discuss what has come up, you will learn how to a) identify future limiting beliefs and b) how to move through future limiting beliefs with a set of personalized tools that work for you. You also have the opportunity to ask me energy-related questions because opening yourself up to manifestation often comes with it lots of new energy-related information.

The curriculum for weeks 3-5 is open and adaptable to meet you where you are at and support you in showing up for the work your guides ask you do as you begin to take action on your manifestations.  Homework given.

Week 6: Pulling it all together | 75-minutes

During our final call we overview what we've learned Week 1 - Week 5 by discussing your 2 year goals and setting up a skeleton for meeting them successfully. Homework given.

Week 7: Follow up | E-mail

One week following our work together I e-mail you to check in on your progress and give you an opportunity to ask any remaining questions that may have come up the previous week. 


All 7-week clients are given a password-protected page on my site where homework (and other documents) is added within 24-hours of each call. The page gives you a space to look back at your progress as you start make momentum towards your goals and learning more about manifestation.

Not ready for one-on-one manifestation support? Check out the eBook I wrote for those who can't (yet!) afford to work with me one-on-one but are eager to improve their manifestation practice to help them identify (and move through) the 10 most common blocks to a successful manifestation practice.  If you already know the basics of the 'law of attraction' (ask, believe, receive) and were drawn to my work, there will be something in the eBook for you!