the diary of an empath

learning to manifest?

Being an empath is an asset.


but only if you know how to work with it

over the next hour and a half, i’m going to walk you through THE MANIFESTATION process, start TO FINISH.


and show you just how easy the law of attraction can be when you know yourself and your abilities


together we’ll be covering:

  • the three steps of manifestation and the one so many miss

  • what is ACTUALLY meant by ‘ask, believe, receive’ (it took me years to understand this, but when I did, the law of attraction finally made sense)

  • the six types of intuition and how to learn yours so you can begin to communicate with the universe: to manifest is to co-create, you have to work as a team to be a success

  • what you need to be doing while an intention germinates and how to let go of control and not freak out while waiting for what you want to manifest, especially when you’re working under a strict time limit

  • what I do each morning to make the manifestation process effortless

  • my best tips for handling contrast and not getting thrown off track by upper limits, soul lessons and the other parts of the manifestation process that cause so many to quit


workshop comes with an easy-to-follow workbook

plus, The Empath’s Guide to Transmuting Limiting Beliefs, a process I use with myself and clients


if the law of attraction isn’t working for you and you’re looking for a practical guide that you can follow so it will, join us through link below.



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