& welcome to THE DIARY OF AN EMPATH, a blog for empaths and anyone wanting to learn more about energy and its influence on our lives.


As a social worker who understands the world through power dynamics, I can't help but notice how our world is designed to make sensitive and intuitive people feel small. But energy is the foundation of everything and the only "crazy" thing about those of us who experience the world in an energetic way is how long we've allowed the world to make us feel powerless because of it.  



the checklist brings the chakra system into real life and reminds you to be intentional about meeting each chakra's needs through the actions you take every day 



My astrological chart is Aries (sun, venus), Pisces (moon, mercury, mars) and Virgo (rising) and my numerology is 1, 4, 4, 9. So I live in constant flux between wanting to change the world (that Aries and that 1) and being too affected to do it (that Pisces and that 9) - but thankfully I also have my grounded Virgo and 4 to embody the idea that sensitivity is a strength and change-makers can lead by example.

So I blog and share my life as an intuitive empath as a way of normalizing energy and making it safe for others to feel empowered by their intuitive gifts too.

You can read more about my journey, here.



One of my favourite things to do is support others in taking back their power by taking control of their energy - so I've combined my background in strengths-based supportive counselling with my lived experience as someone tapped into the non-physical to create a mentorship program for those needing a bit of guidance through life's challenges. 

I offer 3 streams:

1. Clarity Call - Where we chat about what it is you are wanting to manifest and get to the bottom of the immediate limiting beliefs keeping you from doing it.

2. 7 - Week Manifestation Support - Where we spend four weeks together setting goals and realigning your energy with them so you can take back your power and finally gain control over your life experiences.

3. Empath Support - Where we create a safe space to talk about energy and how it affects you as an intuitive / empath.