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Heart-Womb Breathing is a breathing style that connects your Heart Chakra with your Sacral Chakra; two chakra points Empaths subconsciously (and consciously!) shield because of past hurt, abuse and wounding.

Our Hearts are often left scarred when we give more love than we receive and our Sacrals are impacted when we have our power taken away - or we willingly give our power away because of poor self-esteem (think: an unhealthy Solar Plexus and lack of boundaries.)

To nurture these chakra points and get energy moving freely within the chakra system we can use the power of the breath and our physical connection to source energy to heal.­

Set a timer for 2-10 minutes or commit to taking 10 inhale/exhales.

Then lay on your back or sit up straight, whichever you find more relaxing, and bring one hand to your heart and one to your pelvis/womb space, palms touching your body. Next, imagine bright beautiful light pooling in the palms of both hands and being channeled into the areas your palms are touching. As you inhale feel those two areas becoming more relaxed and open. You might even notice the two areas connecting with each other or energetically ‘talking.’ This is a perfect example of uniting your Masculine with your Feminine – or your lower half (Sacral) with your upper half (Heart energy.)

When you inhale, belly pushes out. When you exhale belly falls in. Breathe this way until timer goes off or you get all your committed breaths in.

Once done, take note of anything that came up for you.  Feel free to record on your ‘aha’ page at the front of your journal or in a journal entry on a new page.