On June 30th I'm leading a workshop on Manifesting as an Empath. It will cover both sides of co-creating; the popular Feminine side of setting intentions and working with energy and the less known Masculine side of what it takes to stay committed to your goals and take action on the things you're dreaming.

I'll be walking you through the manifestation process (start to finish) and sharing just how easy the Law of Attraction can be when you adapt your practice to fit your needs as an Intuitive being.

The Law of Attraction as an Empath



  • the simple trick to deciding what you want when you can see 100 sides of everything

  • how to communicate a clear intention to the non-physical (what angels/guides to call on and how to work with your Higher Self/ves)

  • the six types of intuition and how to use your personal intuitive style to know how to take inspired action and feel confident in the action you're taking (once you know your intuitive style and how to use it to manifest nothing can stop you from succeeding)

  • what you need to be doing while an intention germinates (how to let go of control and not freak out when waiting for what you want to manifest, especially if you are under a strict time frame!)

  • the one small thing I do every morning to stay committed to my dreams/desires and keep energy in my favour throughout the rest of the day

  • my best tips for handling contrast and polarity and not getting thrown off track by the lessons that show up after deciding to up-level your reality... because lessons are part of manifesting happy things!


*This workshop was created because the 'Law of Attraction' is only one law that governs our reality. The Law of Gender, the Law of Action and the Law of One are the pieces you've been missing.



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