Taken all the tests?

Resonate with all the traits?

Feel pulled, drawn, a deep sense of 'aha''?

& still wonder if you're an Empath?



(It took me years to accept what I was learning.)

But here's the thing!

Figuring out whether or not you're an Empath doesn't have to be a difficult thing... because the proof is in your Chakra system!


Join me for a free e-mail course where I'm teaching you the exact Chakra patterning all Empaths carry so you'll know once and for all if you really are an Empath, or if all this 'Empath' talk is just your Ego speaking.

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I feel guided to write this email to thank you for being you. I did your life purpose and chakra courses and LOVED them. They changed my life, or at least my whole perspective, and now things are happening like crazy. It wasn’t just the course though, it’s you. Your authenticity has inspired me more than I can say.
— L.



For the next seven days I'll pop into your inbox with information on each of the seven earth-based chakras (ROOT to CROWN) to teach you the basics of their traits and how their energies show up in your day-to-day.

You'll get a worksheet to follow along with so you don't get lost and also full-access to how I've used my awareness of the chakra system to clean up my life, manifest amazing things into my reality and step confidently into my authenticity and calling.


And whether or not you find out you're an Empath, the course is designed to give you the exact energetic skill-set I used as a secret weapon in my own life to move from "nothing ever works out for me" to living in full control of my purpose and dreams. 

So it's a win-win either way. <3

Your work has grounded me and redirected me on some of my hardest days. Thanks for your courage and all that you do. You have truly equipped me with tools and a framework for my gifts and abilities! You’re such a blessing in my life Robin!
— T.