After working with countless empaths (both formally and informally) I've noticed a certain energy pattern in an empath's chakra system — and I'm sharing it with you in this FREE 7-day Chakra Course! So you no longer have to question whether or not you fit the label (cause I know it's exhausting!) and can finally get to loving and accepting your beautiful intuitive gifts.

Being an empath - an e-mail course to quiz you and teach you the signs of being an empath,


Not only will the course teach you all about the chakras,  it will also give you the know-how to assess the health of your personal chakra system and the skill-set and awareness to balance any unbalanced chakras back out. Which will not only make you a better manifestor (cause the energetic world comes before the physical world, always) but will also finally answer the question:

"Am I really an empath?"

The question that pops into my inbox daily.

Because all empaths struggle with 3-4 of the 7 chakras (the EMPATH PATTERN) and you'll know by your energy pattern if you're a fit. :) 


Pop your e-mail below and I'll send you to the course!

AND, as a bonus, you'll also get a free CHAKRA CHECKLIST to keep track of which of your chakras are weak and which are strong so you can self-correct as we go along. 

Free Chakra Course to help you know if you are an empath,
Come across the word 'empath' and feel a click, a resonance, an 'AHA'? But are wondering if it's actually a thing? And if you're actually one? Here's a free 7-day course for you to FINALLY know for sure.
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