curious what it takes to be an

Empath in BUSINESS?


I’m pulling you in behind the scenes!


In this real talk heart-to-heart, I’ll be sharing:

✔️my personal story of becoming an entrepreneur and the 3 things I was not prepared for when I took the leap and started my creative business

✔️what a ‘day in the life' actually looks like (including my daily must-dos to turn a profit)

✔️ the moment my life changed and making money became easy for me (hint, hint subconscious programming)

*plus how I figured out how to turn my skillset into a service (and later a product) and the inside scoop on how I got so far without a fancy instagram, strong networking skills or a business degree guiding me


*Workshop will be available again soon. In the meantime, check out Empaths in Business.


New to my work?

Hi! I’m Robin! The diarist behind the diary(, a blog I started in mid 2016 to help empaths like me step into their calling. Which for many, includes selling their skillset and expertise! In this workshop I’m pulling you in behind the scenes to shine light on what it *actually* takes to own and operate a business as an empath by sharing insight from my own journey as a coach, course creator and cofounder of Oils for Empaths, a handcrafted essential oil line. See you on the other side - to show you that yes, you really can do whatever you’d like.