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"Chances are, if this e-book caught your eye, you know yourself to be a sensitive person with a curiosity for energy and how it works in our day-to-day lives. You might have always been physically aware of the energetic nature of our world (clairvoyants, I'm looking at you!) or maybe grew an interest in energy after stumbling across the Law of Attraction or a meditation practice. You probably also lived with mental health challenges; a side effect of feeling things so deeply. If so, we are very similar, and I can't tell you enough how excited I am that you're here! Why? Because you belong to a group of people who are here to do beautiful, beautiful things; to be a leader in how our world moves forward. Which might feel a bit far off... especially if you've been struggling to put one foot in front of the other in your own life. But no worries, that's why I created this book. While I've always known I have something important to do with my time on earth, I've spent many years feeling as if I would never achieve it because I could barely get myself out of bed. I was anxious, depressed (and a few other things if you ask my psychiatrist) and felt incapable of achieving my dreams because medical professionals told me I was "programmed" for life to be hard. Programmed to live a life dependent on medication for support. 


Thankfully -- my intuition thought differently and I was guided to an amazing therapist and an amazing Reiki Master who helped me understand myself as an empath. I was not ill, or weird, or wrong, I was someone with a unique set of energetic and emotional needs that were not being talked about in mainstream medicine. Conventional medicine has done many great things, but it isn't yet all encompassing. We are all capable of empathy (some would argue psychopaths and sociopaths aren't but I beg to differ because more often than not, people who abuse have been abused and their actions are about coping not being malicious) but being an empath is something entirely different. Being an empath means having the capacity to take on the energy of another person, place or thing... including the energy behind thoughts and feelings, which as you might be able to see, has a damaging affect on an empath's mental health in a world of so much pain. 


But there's good news! Once empaths learn to create energetic boundaries and become intentional about the energy they give off and receive their lives can change. Meaning, while some of us may be hardwired for compassion and understanding, we are not destined for a life of mental illness. The bad news is, no one is talking about this in mainstream mental health! So it's time we get the conversation rolling, because way too many people are living with mental health challenges that would go away, or at least be rightfully understood, if the term ''sensitive" was taken seriously and incorporated into our western understanding of mental health.

Sensitive people have a big responsibility in leading our world into a more gentle way of being, but we can't do that if we aren't first happy and healthy in our own lives. And we can't be happy and healthy without understanding why we aren't happy and healthy in the first place! So that's the purpose of this book - to share my own experience and the tools I use to hopefully ignite other empaths into stepping into their power by taking control of their energy. When I say I'm so glad you're here, I really mean it. Because learning about energy and how it affects you as a sensitive person will help you take better care of your life and when you take better care of your life you will be able to step into your power and help us all take better care of our world. And when that happens, that's when true magic will occur."