Demystifying the Law of Attraction - PDF

Demystifying the Law of Attraction - PDF


This eBook was written to bring the energy law back to its simplicity by demystifying the 10 most common hang-ups those learning to manifest experience when first beginning to better their lives with the use of energy laws.


  • Why we resist our ability to manifest and what changed everything for me. 
  • Why 'just focus on being positive and happy' is really bad advice and what I want you to do instead.
  • My step-by-step strategy for finding and eliminating the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 
  • When and how to take A-C-T-I-O-N on your manifestations. Including real talk on how incredibly intuitive you are and how it's trying to help you draw in the life you desire. 
  •  What to do if your manifestations seem to be taking forever.

  • An entire chapter on how to let go with tips and tricks for making the process easier. 

+ so much more! 

Including real talk on how the law of attraction has become an industry and how we need to outsmart the industry to know genuine success.

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