If you're looking to better your life by inviting in the help of the non-physical, or you've already started a 'law of attraction' practice but aren't really seeing what you want manifest,

Or maybe you're someone who wants to believe manifestation is real but can't seem to kick the doubt that you really can co-create your reality, or the doubt that you really are deserving (and capable of creating) a good life. Or maybe, you are  good at this manifestation thing but seem to only manifest complications and challenging things...



Energy is real, manifestation is real, and that life you are trying SO hard to call in is just on the other side of you (truly) realizing it. If I know anything, it's energy and because energy is my world and I've benefitted from knowing about it and manifesting all sorts of beautiful things, I want to help you too. 

You really can live a life on your terms.

A life where you get to choose how you spend your days, how much money you make and how you can give back. A life in alignment with your unique personality and skill-set and what it is you came here to do. A life where you no longer doubt yourself or worry things won't work out, because your connection with your intuition is so strong that you always know they will.

I've done it all when it comes to the 'law of attraction' - I've made vision boards, watched the YouTube videos and webinars, and did everything I was supposed to do in order to take back my power and put this manifestation thing to work. But things only started taking form when I realized none of that really mattered. I started to really get the hang of intentional living when I realized the ONLY thing standing in my way was ME.

I was only able to get to where I am when I realized the world I experienced was a reflection of how I (subconsciously) thought and felt about myself and what I was capable of achieving and that no amount of strategy could work until I took my beliefs seriously.


I dug deep and I did the work.

I faced my biggest fears, stepped outside of my comfort zone and listened to my intuition, especially when it made no sense.

And now I'm here to support YOU in digging deep and doing the work, too.


1. I get personal -

Because who you are, what you're wanting, and HOW you manifest (read: communicate with the non-physical, know when the non-physical wants you to take inspired action) is as unique as you are and that means how you go about using the law of attraction has to be unique too! I want to know your story - how you got to where you are and why you are inspired to get where you're going. I want to know this because this is what will determine what you need to do to be successful.

So we talk ( really talk ) and I get personal with your life so I can get personal in how I support you in supporting yourself.


2. I ask the really hard questions:

In a safe, objective, non-judgemental way. I know there are power dynamics in this world (I'm a social worker afterall), I know you have been conditioned to believe in them, and I know this conditioning is what has created the limiting beliefs keeping you from what you desire. And so I create a safe space for you to know all of this too.

The hard questions aren't always comfortable, there can be tears, overwhelm and confusion, but this good, because tears, overwhelm and confusion means things are coming up to be healed. And once they come up to be healed, they no longer keep you from what you want.


3. I give you homework:

Not only to move you through those limiting beliefs we identify, but also to show the non-physical that you're serious about taking this life into your own hands. The homework assignments are unique to you (I reflect on our conversation and take time following our conversation to summarize my thoughts into tasks ) and your lifestyle (again, the importance of getting personal) and are kept on a password protected page.  

I also stay available between calls to be motivation, accountability and guidance if / when you need it.

Energy doesn't discriminate -


We are all capable of living the life we are inspired by. It's not just for Instagram celebrities, or those selling expensive courses on the Internet. Energy is available to us all, and more than ever it's important us here in the 'real world' get real about working with it. 

Through mentorship I use my background in strengths-based supportive counselling to hold space for you to get clear on your unique path and overcome your unique obstacles. I listen to your story, support you in digging up your limiting beliefs, share my favourite energy-related tips and tools, and keep you accountable to your vision by reminding you of your strengths and potential every step of the way. 


I'm only passionate about working with those who are committed to their energy and the the life they are wanting to manifest because they know that when they get healthy, happy and abundant they can spend even more time and energy to make others health, happy and abundant too. 

I'm want to work with those who are truly really ready to step into their power so they can make a difference in the world - both in their personal worlds and this world of ours at large. I want to work with the people who asked for help and then stumbled upon my site serendipitously. The people who followed their gut to find me. I want to work with those people because I know they are ready to put in the work that's required for the change they are wanting to see.


The life you desire is available to you - you wouldn't have thought about it if it didn't already exist in energetic form - but to realize it we have to get accountable for what's really going on - the generalizations, the limiting beliefs, the lack of meaningful action.

Ready to do that?

If so, I'm here to be your biggest support. 



Where is mentorship located?

Mentorship sessions are done via an online meeting space. All initial calls take place via video call (though there is an option to have audio) with following calls audio. The energy I create for all sessions is similar to having a cozy coffee date with a friend. In fact, most times that's exactly what it is! Two likeminded souls have a genuine conversation over coffee or tea. 



is experiencing a major change, turning point or cross roads

is new to the law of attraction or already practicing but not seeing the results they desire

is feeling a desire to connect with their intuition/better access and trust their inner guidance

knows they have a life purpose and want support finding it/staying accountable

is feeling unbalanced and looking for tools to be more grounded and balanced in their life and goals

wants to better understand the lesson behind a loss or experience

is wanting to talk with someone who 'gets it' 





There is no 'secret' to using the law of attraction - manifestation is as natural as breathing. In fact, that's exactly what manifestation IS! With every breath we are creating our reality. All tips and guides aside, on an energetic level, the only reason we aren't where we want to be is because of the limiting beliefs we've learned about life. Through a one-on-one Clarity Call I will support you in identifying and moving through the main blocks keeping you from what it is you are wanting to call in. 

If you aren't ready to dive into a full mentorship package, but are still interested in improving your law of attraction practice, a clarity call is for you.

What to expect:

I will listen to your story and ask the hard questions to dig up the beliefs that are keeping you from manifesting what it is you desire. I will end the session with 3-5 actionable steps for challenging the beliefs we identify so you can clear them and start drawing in what you're asking for.

Follow up e-mail with conversation notes + list of tools/resources/"homework" after call

1 x 60 minute call

Investment: $95 USD



There is nothing woowoo about it: energy is real and we are constantly creating our future with our thoughts and beliefs, and the actions we take. Through 1:1 support, I've combined my love for energy and manifestation with my background in solution-focused, strengths-based supportive counselling to support you in taking control of your energy to take control of your life. Through this stream I will hold you accountable for your goals, believe in you and your potential and teach you law of attraction techniques, while ALSO being grounded in the limitations of the law and the work it takes to create real meaningful change.  

What's included:

1 x 75 minute introductory/goal-setting call

3 x 60 minute mentorship calls (weekly or biweekly)

Password protected client page on my website updated with conversation notes and personalized list of tools/resources/homework after each call

Unlimited e-mail support between sessions

Investment: $475 USD



Realizing you're an empath is amazing - you finally have a language for what always made you feel different. It can also be scary though, because with the label comes a lot of new (and rarely talked-about) information. Depending on your unique needs, through a 1-on-1 call, I will listen to your story and support you in:

(a) identifying your unique intuitive abilities
(b) building a self-care toolkit for clearing, grounding and protecting your energy
(c) centering in on your life purpose

Empaths are incredibly intuitive and you'll know when reading this if this stream is for you. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. 

What is included:

1 x 90-minute call

Follow up e-mail with conversation notes + list of tools/resources/"homework" after call

Investment: $125 USD



Due to the nature of my work, I am selective with the feedback I share publicly. 
Heart-to-heart references available upon request.

Robin! I’m still buzzing from our chat! I even told my husband (very left brained and uneasy around topics about energy) about our conversation - he is inspired.
You are incredibly wise for your age. THANK YOU!
I come across so many websites, and videos, where the writer says how much they want each person to feel the happiness they do and so on. You are the very first person I have come across that has a genuine energy of just wanting to share your love and light and gifts. Do you know how truly beautiful and kind that is? Let me just take a moment to say, thank you.
Just a quick update, I tried some of the tips you gave me. I have received over 3,000 euro! Money from tax I wasn’t aware of and money from a random gift from a family member. On my living situation, I have been accepted for social housing, something I’ve been trying to get for two years, so I can now receive financial help with renting a home. Next step is finding a home that will accept it but I’m positive we will get somewhere before the summer. Thank you so much for all your tips they really work.
You really are intuitive! And wise. I’ve told my sister, daughter and best friend about you. Thank you.
I have no idea why I told you everything I did, you’re 24 and I’m nearing 70! I’m glad I did. You knew exactly what you needed to say to bring healing. I felt safe with you and will be trying [what you said about] the sacral chakra.


Take a moment to fill out this form with any questions you might have and I'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Law of Attraction Mentorship,

"My favourite thing about everything is that you have the power to change anything."

- L.C


Please note: Though elements of supportive counselling and intuitive guidance may be used in mentorship calls, mentorship is not counselling nor an intuitive reading. Mentorship is a partnership between two people, myself as the mentor and yourself as the mentee, who share similar experiences. As your mentor I will share what I've learned throughout my journey in order to support you along yours.