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Empaths are receptive to external energies.

A simple way to establish an energetic boundary is to Clear, Ground, Shield your energy at the end of the day or when you are in a busy/negative space and feel overwhelmed.

A Clear-Ground-Shield routine has three components:


Where you intentionally clear your energy field of any external energies.


Where you intentionally ground your newly cleared energy into the present moment (into 3D reality.)


Where you intentionally put up an energetic block to ensure your clear, grounded energy is protected from any new toxicity.

C-G-S can be used in crisis (when you’re bombarded with negativity) or nightly to clear off the energies you collected throughout your day. (I also use it in the morning when I come out of dream state and into physical reality because moving from a 5D energy (when you’re asleep) into a 3D energy (the dimension we live in here on Earth) can feel really heavy.)

Choose one ‘activity’ from each of the three parts of the routine to create a sequence best suited to you and your needs.



  • Affirm: “I am cleared of anything that is not mine.”
  • Use sage essential oil or bundle.
  • Ask Archangel Michael to use his blue ray or his sword to cut cords away.
  • Visualize white light restoring your body.
  • Clap really loudly.


  • Get outside in nature!
  • Turn your focus back to your body (count your steps, notice your heart beat, deepen your breathing.)
  • Hold a darker/heavier crystal (red jasper is one of my favourite!)
  • Use grounding essential oils – pepper, lavender, fir, cedar, etc.
  • Imagine light going from your crown, down your chakra system and out through your tailbone (if sitting) or feet (if standing) and into the center of the Earth to be visually tied around a rock.



  • Ask to be protected by your angels.
  • Imagine yourself in a bubble where only love can enter.
  • Use a gem spray.
  • Affirm: “I am protected.”


Record your new routine somewhere in your journal and use it AT LEAST once a day, preferably at nighttime, but also any time you feel energetic overwhelmed.