Want something? This is how you manifest

There is a reason we call the act of putting letters into words - spelling.

Magic is all around us and casting spells, by getting our dreams out of our hearts and spelled out in physical form, is an ancient practice and important part of chasing our dreams.

It's an important part because it's how we tell the non-physical world what we want.

And telling the non-physical world what we want is important because we don't have to do this life alone. There is a whole non-physical world out there waiting for us to ask for help. An entire non-physical world ready (and eager) to help us manifest what it is we desire.

I see them; leaning in, on their toes, WAITING for you to make the decision to remember you're not alone. 

So ask.

S-P-E-L-L   I-T   O-U-T.

Ask for that thing you're thinking about right now.

That thing you could never dream of being, seeing, experiencing, having. Put that thought into words and then watch how the world shows up to guide you to go get it.  

(Pssst. I use this almost every day, so feel free to do the same! Hand your dreams over and watch the magic occur. x)