Calling In The Masculine, The Empath Podcast,

An audio to update you on the past, present, and future of the Diary and us Empaths as a whole.

Chatting: Twin Flames and the call for Feminines (Empaths) to not only celebrate their Feminine nature but do the inner work to call in their Masculine too.

If you are an Empath feeling a pull to work on 'Masculine' things like improving your money mindset, creating firm boundaries around your energy and how much you give away or healing issues around lack of self-worth, confidence and/or esteem, OR you are an Empath awake and aware to being on the Twin Flame Journey, this one is for you.  

Grab a tea, get cozy.

There's a lot to catch up on. :)

And I hope it serves you in some way!

Run Time: 53 minutes

00:00 - Gratitude

06:15 - Awakening to Twin Flames

16:00 - Putting Pieces Together

16:34 - 2017

20:10 - 2018

21:50 - My 3 Core Twin Flame Synchronicities

28:14 - Moving Forward

31:06 - Masculine vs. Feminine

31: 57 - Feminine Journalling

36: 33 - My New Work With Twin Flames

46: 54 - Homework

Looking forward to working with you if you're at the same place, or just a few steps behind me on your journey!

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