‘being an empath in business’

Q & A


This Q + A is a follow up to the Let’s Talk (being an empath in) Business workshop! A free workshop to support empaths looking to follow their heart and start a business selling their skillset. Here’s the link to the workshop if you haven’t yet taken it!

Episodes also available on The Empath Podcast. (Episodes 03 and 04)




Empaths in Business: a 6-week course for empaths ready to turn their gifts and abilities into a profitable offering and learn to sell it authentically.


Five days to Life Purpose - LIVE: like the idea of stepping out on your own and doing something that feels aligned with your soul, but have nooo idea what you’re here to do? Or if what you’re doing is the right thing for you? I’m teaching my popular 5 Days to Life Purpose course LIVE next week.


Instagram: on social media? I’m warming up to Instagram and would love to meet you!