Q & A Continued... 


Q. 11

How do I learn to love myself? How do I feel complete all on my own? Will I ever be happy? 

Lots of questions, but they all require the same thing: a choice. You learn to love yourself by choosing to love yourself. You feel complete on your own by choosing to be complete on your own. You find happiness by choosing to find happiness.

Once you make the choice, the next steps are easy. What does someone who loves themselves do? What does someone who feels complete do? What does someone who is happy do? Get brainstorming about those things and then go do them! x

Q. 12

I read your post on using the law of attraction after a breakup. My boyfriend and I broke up not long ago. How do I stop blaming myself for him leaving me?

The beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful) thing about relationships is that we all have free will, so while we sometimes like to think our behaviours can cause someone to do something, they really can't. We can influence other people, but we can never control them. So you're off the hook! He made his decision to walk away and you have no control over that. You know what you do have control over though? YOU. You get to decide how you're going to use this time you now have because he left. 

We only have space in our lives for so many things, so the more you fill your life with things that don't involve him, the less space he will take up. This is why people rebound - to fill up space. But I don't really suggest that because that just postpones healing. So lean into the discomfort, focus on you and know you're off the hook for anything to do with him.

What can you do to fill the space he no longer occupies? The world is yours. : )

Q. 13

I want to practice self-care because I know its really important but I just feel so guilty about it. Help!

First, you aren't alone. This is probably one of the most common questions I get asked through my blog - and in real life!  Second, this answer has two parts. 

a. Learn about the solar plexus and how it relates to your feelings of worth. You can try convincing yourself again and again and again that self-care is important and that you are important but if your solar plexus remains unbalanced, it won't really do much good. So look into that and start incorporating some balancing tools (like being around fire, wearing yellow, holding your belly) into your day-to-day life. 

b. Decide on one 'self-care' task to do each day and show up to do it consistently. This can be as simple as taking a shower with your favourite soap first thing every morning or walking to a coffee shop on your lunch break. It doesn't really matter what it is, it matters that you do it. Consistently. This is because like attracts like and as you show up consistently to do the task each day, you will build momentum. This momentum will shift your energy and it will be easier and easier to put yourself first. 

(P.S. Sign up for my weekly self-care reminder, it's an e-mail that goes out every Wednesday and is all about how I am practicing "unconventional" self-care (so no bubble baths or tea) in my own life to inspire you to make self-care a priority, too! 

Q. 14

I am new to the whole concept of being an empath, or that other people like me even exist, but after searching for answers, I've come to the conclusions that I am indeed an Empath. What do you believe your purpose is as an Empath?

So glad you're opening up to the idea of being an empath. There are a lot of misconceptions about what it means and with the label comes a lot of new information (and an entirely *new* paradigm) so give yourself a huge hug for even being open to this. Then follow the guidance because this is only the beginning. 

As for life purpose: Life purpose is a journey but as of where I am right now, I know a big part of my purpose is to make it safe for others to acknowledge themselves as empaths (especially the logical, left brained empaths who are more resistant to something that doesn't have western *proof*) and to advocate for intuitive needs in formal mental health care. Energy isn't yet recognized in our heathcare systems and this needs to change because there are way too many beautifully intuitive people dismissed, numbed, or worse, locked up, because their gifts aren't being recognized for what they are. I'm also here to be a diplomat: I am very good at seeing all sides of everything because I know duality is man-made, and do not believe in right or wrong. I just see human beings and their potential.

I've have an intense feeling of needing to find out my purpose, to the point where it's all I can think about. My heart hurts for the world we live in and I feel like I need to do something, yet I feel really hopeless. Help?

I can certainly work with you one-to-one to help you get on track with your life purpose. I am really good at seeing another's potential and helping other empaths figure out where they are meant to be, but you also have all the answers you need within your heart if you choose not to work with me. Hold your hand to your heart and see if any guidance comes through. :) If you do choose to work with me, I won't tell you out-right what you should do, that's not ethical. I will however ask the right questions for you to realize your next steps all on your own. :)

Your need to find your purpose means your purpose is close. You are coming into the frequency of it and that's what causes the urgency. You are probably also programmed to wake up into your purpose at this time. Allow the urgency to be there, but don't overthink it. Everything happens in divine timing and your purpose will come to you when you're ready.

(P.S., I TOTALLY get the need to find your purpose. It consumed me for years and remembering that feeling is what inspired me to write this post. The intuitive I was working with (and have quoted in that post!) refused to tell me what I was supposed to do even though I begged for her guidance and now, in hindsight, I'm so grateful she didn't tell me outright. I needed to learn to trust myself and my heart. Her guidance got me where I am, but I found stepped into my purpose all on my own and that's how I approach life purpose work with those I work with. :))

Q. 15

Q. 16

I have a doubt on crystals. Recently I bought a few crystals - Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline and also a rose quartz pendant that I wear daily. I want to know how often I need to cleanse them. There are some sites which say that I need to cleanse them everyday and some say that Black Tourmaline doesn't to be cleansed that often so I don't know which to follow. Can you help me out? Thanks so much!

Crystal energy is subtle. In order to see it working you need to take a bird's eye view of your life and see how things are changing. Example: If you start wearing rose quartz, in what ways are you drawing in more experiences of self-love / situations reminding you to practice self-love. Crystals don't fix things for us, they create an energetic frequency to call in what you need to experience the essence of the stone. 

Re: Clearing, you have to tune into what feels right for you. Spend some time with your crystals. Sleep with them under your pillow, hold them in your hands, give them thanks. They are beings like you and I, they just have a different path and purpose. Once you develop a relationship with them, you'll know / feel when it's time for them cleared and you'll feel how they want to be cleared. Some of mine ask for the ocean, some ask for moonlight, some like to just have me affirm they are cleared.


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